Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a home inspection take?

A: The length of the home inspection can very due to the homes sizes, weather conditions, etc. but an average home inspection takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Q: What is observed during a home inspection?

A: Exterior

  •     Roofing
  •     Plumbing
  •     Electrical
  •     Heating
  •     Central air conditioning
  •     Interiors
  •     Insulation and ventilation
  •     Built-in kitchen appliances
  •     Attic and crawl space

Q: Why get a home inspection?

A: Hiring a professional home inspector can help save you money, time and stress. We look deep into crawl spaces, attics and behind Sheetrock with state of the art infrared cameras searching for moisture that may not be visible to you otherwise. We have vast experience and education on residential construction and the components in a home that work together.

Q: Can I be present at the home inspection?

A: Clients presence at the home inspection is preferred. We are diligent and thorough with our written and depicted inspection reports but you being at the home during the inspection may answer different questions that may not be addressed on the report. And that’s great! Our goal is to inform you on your potential new investment.

Q: Should I have the home tested for radon?

A: Radon is a harmful gas that emerges from the earth and can gather in homes and buildings. Having a home tested for radon is a good idea. Central Oregon is not known for having high levels of radon but it has been discovered in the area. A radon level of 4.0pCi/L found in a home is required to have a home mitigation system installed.

Q: Infrared Technology? Huh?

A: Thermo images obtained from our infrared camera help us detect moisture damage at a higher level then with just the naked eye. being able to differentiate temperatures with color also lets us check for the presence or absence and condition of wall and ceiling insulation. We have taken drastic steps to provide the best information for you that we can!

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